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Need Experienced Consultants for Your Next Project
"I may have been lucky with some sort of intuition, but I believe in training a great deal." -- David Selby

EDDR Consultants

At EDDR, we understand that advancing skills and knowledge through practical and strategic training is an essential factor for professional development and continued success.  This holds true no matter what industry or field.

Since its founding, EDDR has partnered with businesses, schools and colleges to augment current training programs; develop content-specific courses; and facilitate training sessions for staff.  All EDDR courses are application-based and activity-packed, providing learners with current and tangible experiences to immediately enhance their professional life and meet business objectives.

Do you need one of the following resources for your next project?

  • Instructional Designer
  • Change Management
  • Course Evaluator
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Training Developer
  • Trainer
  • Technical Writer
  • Researcher

If you need one resource or twenty resources, EDDR can provide the right resources to support your next project.  Contact an EDDR Account Manager today by calling (312) 609–9888 or email info@eddrcorp.com.